TCA Peel

TCA Peel this peel will effectively treat skin that has moderate to severe sun damage with pigmentation and fine lines. Improves photo ageing (premature ageing caused from the sun), speeds up cell turn over, helps stimulate collagen production, blotchy pigmentation is reduced, freckles are reduced, fine lines are reduced, and some types of acne scarring are reduced

Green Peel

Green Peel skin resurfacing treatment based entirely on dried, crushed herbs. The natural source for a new, refreshed, smooth and pure skin. The Green Peel with help improve sagging face contours, wrinkled, sun damaged skin, impure skin, slackened skin on upper arms, thighs and tummy, scars, cellulite, and stretch marks

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel $175

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel quickly and efficiently removes dead skin cells that clog and make skin look dull. Dead skin cells appear gray, dull and lifeless. They make your skin look dirty. They do not reflect light easily. By removing them with the Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel, your skin's overall appearance will be greatly enhanced. Your skin will have a healthier glow & fine lines and wrinkles will diminish. Your skin will appear softer, smoother and younger. Your skin will look the best it has in years!

Lactic Acid Peels $75

Lactobotanical Peel is powerful yet gentle. Lactic acid is an excellent skin renewal and collagen building agent. Any skin type will benefit from this peel. Your skin will look plumped, hydrated, and renewed. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results.

Pomegranate Peel is a therapeutic, antioxidant peel specially designed fro peeling and nurturing the skin. The enhanced Pomegranate Peel works to even out the skin's top layers and mildly stimulate collagen as it delivers potent antioxidants to prevent free radical damage L-Ascorbic Acid supports collagen synthesis and helps reverse the signs of pre-mature again. Excellent for environmentally exposed skin.

Salicylic Acid Peels $75

*Pigment Punch Professional Clarity Peel a truly remarkable and unique breakthrough clinical treatment to rapidly clear away the appearance of those unsightly marks such as brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discoloration's and visibly restore clarity to your complexion so that it appears to glow from within. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results.

*Jungle Brew Professional Amazon Detox Peel if you are seeing spots, excessive oiliness or clogged pores this peel will fast track your quest for pure, clear, healthy looking skin. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results.

*Cabernet au Chocolat Age Deception Peel this serious yet exceptionally decadent sounding anti-aging peel loosens layers of old discoloured skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother surface with renewed clarity and radiance. it also energises, protects and rebuilds the appearance of firmer, less wrinkled looking skin. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results.

*Retinol Brulee Skin Resurfacing Peel if you are seeing fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough, and lacklustre skin texture, visible pores, minor discolouration and muddy complexion or time damaged skin this peel will be great for you. Active Retinol, milk derived Lactic Acid, and botanical calmatives work in tandem to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing and skin refining results. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results.


pH Formula Dermatological Skin Resurfacing

pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical line of products based on skin resurfacing rather than skin peeling. The pHformula skin resurfacing system is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceutical and medical prescription. Skin resurfacing has superior benefits to conventional peelings. Skin peelings mainly cause skin exfoliation, whereas skin resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration and call repair, whilst trauma and superficial irritation is reduced. this action is achieved through the mechanism of unique delivery vechile complex (PH-DVC) that any negative side effects normally seen with conventional peelings.

Your pHformula skin resurfacing programme is a complete dermatological skin resurfacing system that contains a unique combination of actives for the treatment of premature ageing. By following the complete programme, as prescribed by your pHformula skin specialist, you will not only see visible results but will also be able to protect your skin from future damage.




Nimue's world class formulations are based on based on exceptional ingredients, all of which are sourced from international accredited laboratories. Nimue scientists maintain high standards of quality performance to ensure that every

product leaving the laboratories car

ries the same high standard of excellence customers have come to expect from Nimue.

Nimue Kits: Environmentally Damaged, Hyperpigmentation, Problematic and Interactive

Cosmeceutical Products

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  • Yaffa zhav
  • Intraceuticals
  • Jan marini
  • Vitry Face Care Switzerland

Personal anti-ageing wrinkle filler

New to Australia from the U.S is our miracle anti-ageing wrinkle filler for lips and face from yaffa zhav.
Hyaluronic filling spheres penetrate into the skin and trap water like a molecular sponge helping spheres swell.

The spheres lodge in skin tissue depressions where they progressively rehydrate by taking up water that evaporates from the skin via water loss. The spheres smooth wrinkles at the same time increasing long term hydration of the epidermis.

Dermaxyl tm anti-ageing, helps smooth wrinkles, peptides help repair damage and inspire old cells to communicate like young cells.

Results are firmness, improved moisture retention, and easing of wrinkles.
Can be used on lip area and anywhere fine lines exist on the face all in a convenient lipstick applicator for personal use.

Vitry Face Care Switzerland

Anti-Ageing Range Vitry Face Care

  • Face Care: Is a simple range with 6 specific products which keep skin young and beautiful.

  • It has been developed and manufactured in Switzerland by a dedicated research laboratory, recognised for its innovation and R&D.
  • No Paraben
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • No Mineral Oils.
  • No Colouring Agents.



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